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Press Alert: Facial Burns and Scars

Press Alert! Check out Steven Chizen’s latest lawsuit featured in Legal Newsline here. Per the news article:

“REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (Legal Newsline) – A facial at a California spa left a woman burned and scarred, her recently filed lawsuit says.

Alona Vardi filed her case Jan. 31 in San Mateo Superior Court against Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, alleging staff at the spa there badly botched her treatment on Feb. 6, 2020. They did so, she says, despite the spa’s website promising ‘highly trained skincare specialists.’

Vardi was cashing in a birthday present from her children when she went to Rosewood for a 60-minute facial.

‘Rosewood’s employee intentionally touched and applied products to Plaintiff’s face in a manner far beyond the consent of Plaintiff,’ the suit says. ‘Rosewood’s employee improperly mixed products and misapplied products to Plaintiff’s face.’

‘The employee used, among other things, a microcurrent device and a pomegranate peel… (T)he employee used the microcurrent device for too long and/or without adequate amounts of gel.’

When Vardi complained about stinging and burning, she was told the pain would go away eventually, the suit says.

However, the burns began to blister, she says. Rosewood offered follow-up facials to repair her face that were unsuccessful, leaving Vardi in pain and embarrassed to the point she had to miss numerous Zoom calls at work, she says.

‘Plaintiff was unable to Zoom with family members living abroad due to the embarrassment,’ the suit says. ‘Even today, at every dinner, every activity, every event, Plaintiff suffers from the embarrassment of people gawking at her still damaged face.’

Vardi is represented by Law Office of Steven Chizen.”


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