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Welcome Chizen Law

After a successful 2022 running the Law Office of Steven Chizen, Steven Chizen, Esq. has decided to rebrand. Welcome Chizen Law, Professional Corporation!

With the new entity, Steven will be able to expand his practice and take on larger, more complex cases.

Steven is always looking to help new clients. Please feel free to reach out if you or someone you know was harmed by a corporation or government agency. Steven's practice areas include employment law (e.g., wrongful termination, sexual harassment), civil rights (e.g., discrimination, constitutional violations), and general injuries (e.g., physical injuries, product defects).

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who helped Steven throughout 2022 as he launched his own law firm. He could not have done it without his friends and family who spread the word, tinkered with his website, perfected his logo, role played the other side of his arguments, shared marketing ideas, etc. He also could not have done it without his attorney network and colleagues who provided legal guidance, mentorship, and case referrals.

Stay tuned for more from Chizen Law in 2023! #chizenlaw


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