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Press Alert: January 2024 Layoffs

Press Alert! Steven Chizen was again quoted in Newsweek regarding recent layoff trends:

"'There is usually a ripple effect for layoffs,' Steven Chizen, a California-based employment attorney, told Newsweek. 'When one large company announces a major layoff, it invites other, often smaller companies, to conduct their own layoffs.'

Chizen anticipates the wave of layoffs to continue into the spring until companies reach 'optimal levels' of employment.

Worried employees might feel like there's little they can do to prevent becoming the next victim of a layoff, but Chizen warned that some employers use layoffs as a way to enforce performance reviews.

'Employers can use layoffs as an opportunity to get rid of poor performers without spelling that out explicitly,' Chizen said, adding that employers will look to hire strategically as the year progresses."

See the full article here.


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